Saturday, February 27, 2016

Resurrecting Jesus

Resurrecting Jesus
"Jesus symbolizes the spiritual mystery of each one of us," explains Adya, "and points us
toward the radiance within that is available right now—the eternal saving grace through which we realize that we are each sons and daughters of a living God." With Resurrecting Jesus, now you have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore "the transmission of infinite love" that his story represents—and how that love revolutionizes our lives and our world.

Program Highlights:
  • The Gospel of Mark and its contemporary appeal
  • Awakening to the light of being
  • Discovering the kingdom of heaven
  • The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas
  • Descending into time and space
  • John the Baptist as a resonant force
  • Moving from realization to action
  • The deeper motive for Jesus' healings
  • Transforming the world from the heart of spirit
  • Parables as devices of transmission
  • The 'I Am' in all of us
  • Speaking truth to power
  • Oneness in the mystical body of Christ
  • Being in the world but not of it