Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Client Attraction Summit

Jesse and Sharla at the Client Attraction Summit
The very best way to learn and integrate these
skills is by connecting with other people who also 
want to become better at Client Attraction.   

Research has shown time and time again that only a 
small percentage of people can read a book or 
listen to a home study course and truly integrate 
what they’ve learned...and most coaches and 
holistic practitioners are kinesthetic learners, 
so they need to have a powerful experience in 
order to absorb what they’re learning. 

Studies have also shown that the level of success 
of the students who try to learn on their own 
doesn’t even come close to the people who learn 
the same information through in-person 

This is why we want to invite you to not just 
learn the 8 most essential keys to attract 
clients, but to also experience these keys, so you 
can start using them immediately and create your 
business and your life in a way that works for