Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Introduction to Copyediting

Introduction to Copyediting
Copy editors are not the stars of the show when it comes to publishing and news media but
they do help the stars to shine. If you've thought about becoming a copy editor but you're not sure how to go about it, this is the course for you. It's also a fitting course for college students who want to work for the school newspaper, creative writers who want to self-edit their manuscripts, teachers needing to brush up on the real-world basics for their English courses, and businesspeople striving to sound as competent and together on the page as they possibly can. The heart of each session is a lecture that discusses important aspects of being a copy editor. Not only will students learn what a copy editor does and how she does it, they will also learn the crucial grammatical rules that will put them at the top of their game. Practice exercises allow them hands-on participation, and writing assignments reinforce each week's skills. 

Copy editors are sentence polishers-they delete redundancies, add words for clarity, re-cast passive sentences, fact-check, keep an ever-watchful eye out for consistency, and much more. In order to stay on track, a copy editor uses a variety of tools of the trade. Not only a dictionary but various stylebooks, computer software, and yes, sometimes even a red pencil. Writers count on copy editors to catch what might otherwise be embarrassing mistakes. 

In order to make the leap into the real world of editing, students will need experience. The last session guides students onto a path that will help them to obtain experience and land a job. 

Learn How to Become a Copy Editor in 4 Weeks! 

In this course you will:

Learn just what it is a copy editor does.
Become skilled at putting into action the most important grammatical rules.
Learn the tools of the trade and how to best use them.
Get hands-on experience editing the practice copy.
Learn from writing and editing your own copy.
Kim Catanzarite
Kim Catanzarite is a freelance copy editor who has over twenty years experience in the editorial field. Her client list includes F+W Media, Meredith Corporation, Ten Speed Press, and many other American book publishers, as well as individual writers. She has edited hundreds of nonfiction and fiction titles in a vast variety of genres from how-to to history to writing guides and commercial novels, as well as magazines and newspapers.

Her editing career began in 1989 at a small newspaper in northern New Jersey, where she learned hands-on the process of editing, article writing, layout, and publishing. She is an accomplished writer who has published articles in national magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens and Woman's Day, and newspapers. Her fiction has appeared in literary magazines, was once nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and was short-listed in the Pirate's Alley William Faulkner prize.