Thursday, February 25, 2016

Indigenous Ceremonial Circle Honoring the Sacred

A Fundraiser Celebration to continue the transformational projects of Four Worlds Foundation in Panama. Dedicated to supporting Indigenous projects worldwide whom, along with their global circle of allies are protecting Mother Earth.
    Be a part of Indigenous Ceremonial prayers for Mother Earth; be inspired by the Shared Wisdom of the Elders and the Change-makers through song, sound and celebration. Join us for an extraordinary evening and become an active part of the healing and protecting of Mother Earth.
    Join our Circle and hear the hopeful messages brought from the rivers, islands and mountains of Central America as well as the voices of those who protect our very own sacred lands for the next Seven generations and beyond.
There will be a musical performance after the Ceremonial Circle.
    Hear the living story of the EAGLE, QUETZAL and CONDOR Prophecy from Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. Also present will be, Candido Mezua - Tribal Chief of the Sovereign Embera Indigenous Nation in Panama and Giuseppe Villalaz - Executive Director of 4 Worlds Foundation in Panama and youth representative from the Guna Nation, along with the Morningstar Grandmothers and the Hummingbird Drum Singers, Rawsheed Stone Coyote, Chief of the Choktaw, Musgokee, Yamasee Confederacy of Nations, as well as John Montoya, Representing the Yaqui and Tenuxca  Nations and Jose Muñoz, Mayan Time Keeper.