Saturday, February 20, 2016

Energy Scan Training Blessed My Healing Business and Life

Hey, Zhanna, turn on your images or view this online to see the neat photo of Tarek
After experiencing thriving and struggling moments during 25 years of my energy healing
business, I was tired trying to make it month to month. As a single mom, I wanted to see my business thriving for myself and my family. 

I didn't have the money nor did I have the opportunity to pass up Dan's suggestion of taking the Energy Scan Training. Yet, I knew I was bigger than my struggling circumstances.

It was a no-brainer to do the Energy Scan Training. After the weekend, I had calls out of the blue with a lot of interest from people wanting to work with me. It opened up a flood of people. In the first month, I increased my finances, tripled my clients, and had many more people coming to me for help.