Sunday, February 28, 2016

Comprehensive Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health

  • Learn the basic Ayurvedic principles of restoring and maintaining health. Use them to see your problems in a way that empowers you instead of confusing you

  • Experience instant relief from symptoms that have been plaguing you, including inflammation, a weak metabolism, candida, trauma, burn-out, and any other malady of the body, mind or spirit

  • Receive a 360° Body System overhaul focusing on your Digestion, Circulation, Nervous system, Bone & Muscle System, and through that, a profound Activation to Bliss

  • Experience complex energy transmission processes that focus on cleansing dysfunctional metabolic processes in your body and soul, thus rekindling digestive fires, rejuvenating tissues, restoring your physical vital essence, realigning your heart, soul, and body, and ultimately, awakening you to the Self that you truly are

  • On this replay, experience tangible results such as lightness, joy, a freeing emptiness in the mind, energy surges, love, and the feeling of being a new person