Wednesday, February 24, 2016

TransCrystal Therapy

This nine-week, neo-shamanic based course provides insight into belief systems, the true psychology of the chakras, the form of dis-ease, unconscious personal limitations and self imposed restrictions. 
  In an unprecedented melding of TCT Level I & Level II, Patricia Asheme, creator  and channel of the
TransCrystal Therapy Course and founder of The Crystal Matrix Center, will teach both levels in a condensed format...allowing the student to learn about themselves, the chakra system, the meridians, and multi-level healing while learning the ancient techniques of laying-on-of-stones. The course will still delve beneath the mysteries of Mother Earth as the student begins a shamanic journey to create a sacred relationship with Self.
    Designed for both the novice and the advanced vibrational medicine enthusiast, the course teaches basic gemology, mineral and mythical history, meditation, use of correct color with the chakras, the source of dis-ease through the body's seven major chakras and techniques for crystal 'activation'. Included will be additional stones for each chakra and healing grids for dis-ease.
   Each week, while discovering the mysteries of a new personal crystal, and receiving an activation meditation to ensure personal growth is elevated, students will also learn how to adjust and clear the chakras, the technique of chelation with crystals, brain balancing, aromatherapy and crystals, and how to ground the aura for conscious healing. 
    At the completion of this course, you WILL have full knowledge of how to do Laying-On-Of-Stones and certification as a TransCrystal TherapistTM (awarded after a final exam).
   Past students have had profound spiritual transformations and personal life corrections that continue working in their lives today...many students retake the course just for additional clarity and growth. 
    After taking this course, your life will never be the same. 
   All stones and "The Crystal Chronicles, An Earth Walk"  (required reading) included with course costs.
   Ask about a 10% discount with full class payment - one week before first class meeting. Please call The Crystal Matrix Center @ 323-644-7625 for class costs
What People Are Saying About
TransCrystal Therapy, Level I & II...
"The TransCrystal Courses were one of the most outstanding and rewarding experiences in my career as a nurse and healer. She (Rev. Bankins) shared her expertise using a scientific approach to understand and balance the body's energy centers which increased my knowledge and awareness of myself and the world I live and work in." 
(D. Collier, BSN, PHN II, Reiki Master, Certified healing Touch Practitioner, 21 years ICU nurse)"
 "I had some profound insights and healings from theSeries I course...I found the class workbook to be inspiring, while bold, in that it immediately took me on a journey of self discovery ~ a path that has been carved our for self-mastery over self-defeating beliefs and behavior." 
(D. Woods, Therapist)
 "Using the crystals has provided me with the tools to both heal myself and to work with others...I found it fascinating that each crystal has different subtle but noticeable vibrational energies that can balance the chakras and reduce stress that accumulate in modern life."
(L. Williams, computer support manager, writer)
 "Series I and II have strongly developed and expanded my abilities to aide our planet's healing. I wholeheartedly
recommend these classes to anyone wishing to add new steps to their path." 
(D. Marcin, retired schoolteacher, Reiki Master)
 "My experiences with crystal healing have been incredible. I have been able to understand and overcome negative patterns that I have held for many years in my life and have moved forward in creating more of what I want in my life." 
(S. Roth, paralegal)
What People Are Saying About
TransCrystal Therapy...
 "The TransCrystal Therapy work is cosmic. It opened my eyes to how intense the healing work with crystals truly is. It was an experience that turned me around. The depth and the power as a healing tool is more than I ever expected. When I felt like I was going to levitate off the table.. Wow!" 
(M. Valentine, Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist)
 "I was relieved from major amounts of pain, both physical and emotional. Clarity was put in place of pain, Love replaced hopelessness. Courage was put in place of surrender. I did not believe in these methods before meeting Rev. Bankins. After that first session, the effects of her work lasted for days and completely changed my life. As the mother of two children, who have benefited from the effects of these healing sessions, I am now able to face their fears and pains and help them in love and light as opposed to the abuse I received as a child." 
(M. Hall, dance teacher and artist)
 "Healing the aura and working with hands-on energy medicine is an essential component for modern spiritualists who are committed to self-realization." 
(A. Leigh, writer, agent, investor)
Patricia Asheme Bankins is the founder of the Crystal Matrix Healing & Learning Center, and the channel and creator of the laying-on-of-stones course, TransCrystal Therapy, taught for over 25 years. She has coined the term "Neo-Shamanism" as a respectful means of using Native ideas, philosophies and teachings in a modern non-aboriginal context. As the international channel Asheme`, she has worked for over 25 years with assorted Spirit Teachers such as Master Ti-Emein, Keeper of the Jewels, the Ascended Master St. Germain, inter-galactic-mentor Mistress Chou and the Council of the Violet Ray. She was featured in the HBO TV specials, "The Spirit of John Lennon", and the "The Spirit of Diana" . She is a member of the Brotherhood of Melchizedek and teaches classes throughout the US. Her work focuses on aiding people in their own transformation and in raising the Earth's vibration of peace and healing.
March 5 ~ April 30       ~    10:00AM - 2:30PM