Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness

Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., melds the world of the shaman with modern
medicine to reveal his powerful wellness program, featured in the book One Spirit Medicine. In this interview, Alberto talks about our ability to grow a new body. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s actually based in neuroscience—we are continually regenerating our bodies all the time, making ourselves sicker or healthier depending on the choices we make. Alberto shares his own health crisis, and how he was able to heal from possible liver failure and parasites in his brain by awakening stem-cell production and going through a brain and body detox. He informs listeners on how they too can “hack” into the password-protected regions of their bodies using energy medicine and diet, and switch off the genes that can produce cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, brain fog, and other illnesses. He goes on to discuss the power of ritual and nature, and explain how anyone can connect with One Spirit Medicine. This riveting interview will empower listeners to take control of their health once and for all.