Saturday, May 7, 2016

Healing Insights from the Medical Medium

When Anthony William was four years old, he stunned his family by announcing that his
grandmother had lung cancer—which testing confirmed. That was the first time he received information from the otherworldly voice he would come to call Spirit of the Most High. Today, Anthony is the one and only Medical Medium, sharing a body of knowledge that medical communities mostly have yet to discover. In this frank conversation, he explains how he—a skeptic by nature—came to terms with his at first unwelcome gift and has since helped tens of thousands of people to heal; reveals what we think we “know” about medicine that’s actually flat-out wrong; and shows us what we need to understand about the foundations of health, from the role of toxic mercury to the astonishing power of celery juice. Then he introduces listeners to a Healing Moon Meditation in which simply looking skyward can not only calm our minds, but change our lives.