Saturday, May 7, 2016

Using Sound to Harmonize the Body, Mind, and Spirit

As babies in the womb—suspended in fluid and surrounded by darkness—sound is the very
first thing we experience through our senses. So it’s no wonder that physician, musician, composer, educator, author, and founder-director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research Dr. Jeffery Thompson, D.C., has been able to bring such profound healing through the primordial power of sound and vibration. By recording and manipulating audio from his patients, he’s helped people cancel out self-defeating belief systems; find better sleep; and uncover the deep, ancient, cosmic part of themselves that’s in tune with the universe. In this fascinating interview, he discusses how his chiropractic training and lifelong passion for music led to epiphanies about the resonance of different body parts; how the bodies we’re born with were never intended for the 21st century; and how sound-healing can bring the visual, audio, and kinesthetic centers of the brain into alignment to reach homeostasis: that place of zero stress where true healing can begin. The interview features clips from Dr. Thompson’s sound-healing recordings, including his collaborations with Louise Hay.