Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Magic of Bone Broth, and Other Natural Remedies for Balanced Health

Honor your body from an emotional, physical, and spiritual perspective with time-tested
natural remedies from health coach and 21st-century medicine woman Heather Dane! In this informative, down-to-earth interview, Heather reveals her top methods for achieving holistic health and addresses issues ranging from pain and low energy to anxiety, cravings, stress, and more. You’ll discover why bone broth is one of today’s hottest superfoods, learn time- and money-saving tips for making broth at home, and be inspired by remarkable stories of life and health transformation. Heather also shares easy health tips you can put into action today, with special advice tailored for vegetarians and vegans as well as the energetically sensitive. You won’t want to miss the guided meditation in which Heather helps you tune in to your body’s energy and intuition!