Sunday, January 24, 2016

Virtual Training of Your Choice

John Assaraf
complimentary Online Virtual Training – 5 NEW Brain & Mindset Experts and
Technologies to re-train your brain and "Shatter Your Financial class Ceiling." Individual results may vary.
When you attend our Brain-A-Thon, you will learn how to:
  • Break free from the self-doubt, fear, procrastination and lack of confidence that is holding you back from achieving greater financial success and freedom.
  • Break free from the limits that are holding you back from realizing your hopes and dreams.
  • Gain more confidence in your abilities and in yourself and achieve greater financial success and freedom!
When you participate in this information-packed training, you'll be empowered with cutting-edge, scientifically-proven strategies that will help you break free of the obstacles, habits, thoughts and fears that presently keep you from reaching your full potential.
Learn the latest scientific breakthroughs on How To Free Yourself from the sabotaging effects of starting and stopping one diet or exercise program after another only to gain your weight back over and over again. A proven process to finally release the weight you want off - and keep it off! Re-train your brain to reshape your body/self-image from the inside out.
In this groundbreaking Virtual Training you will learn 3 Key Steps that will kick start your path forward to:
  • Achieving your ideal health and wellbeing
  • Stop the "yo-yo" dieting
  • Gain focused control of your self-esteem
  • Lose the weight you hate and keep it off
We’ll show you the scientific process to re-train your brain and reshape your body/self image from the inside out.
Learn to apply the latest brain-based methods to uncover &overcome your hidden unconscious fears that are keeping you stuck from achieving your goals and dreams.
In this Virtual Training you'll learn:
  • How to recognize and release your most deeply rooted fears... Those you are consciously aware of like fear of failure, and ones that are buried deep in your unconscious mind like fear of disappointing others or fear of success or of not being good enough
  • Why certain fears are good for you and how to quickly notice what is "good fear" and what is "dangerous fear" so you can stay safe while going after your biggest life dreams
  • The latest brain research showing how you can master your fear emotions instead of being a victim of them and paralyzed into not taking the actions needed to reach your goals