Monday, January 25, 2016

Write an Attention-Grabbing First Chapter

Literary agent, Sarah LaPolla represents young adult and adult fiction, and is a big believer
in the power of a great opening chapter. She'll share insights and tips on creating a first chapter agents will want to keep reading. We'll also discuss what to avoid, how to balance a novel's tone with the narrator's voice, and how a great first chapter should set up the rest of the novel.

  • What agents look for in a first chapter
  • How to grab - and keep - their attention beyond the first line
  • How to avoid cliché, mundane, or overused beginnings
  • Why “beginning with the action” doesn't have to mean car chases and explosions
  • The appropriate length and tone of a first chapter
  • How to introduce your narrator's voice in the most effective way
  • Whether your novel is beginning in the right place
  • How to incorporate back-story and when to delete it