Thursday, January 21, 2016


When you spend more energy than you actually have or get in return on your investments –
even if that happens unconsciously or inadvertently – you’ll go into the metaphorical state of ‘energy debt’.
This means you’ll be forced to take out ‘energy loans’ to compensate your shortage:
  • The first place you go to for a loan is your daily ‘Creative Power Budget’. But by doing so, you’ll drain the ‘creative energy’ you have available for the day – your ‘now’. This means you’ll have less energy, presence, inspiration and passion for life… let alone for any new endeavors, projects, or things you want to create and manifest for yourself.

    This may cover you for a while… But once your Creative Power Budget is no longer sufficient to cover your daily requirements and debt, you’ll have to start borrowing energy from other places:
  • A common energy source to tap into next is your social life reserve – your time and connection with friends and loved ones. But as you pull energy from there, your relationships will start to show signs of deterioration, and don’t bring you the energy anymore that they may have before.
  • Once that energy source is drained too, you’ll move on to other areas of your life. And so the cycle continues.

    For instance, when all other energy sources are exhausted, you’ll start to physically pull ‘life force’ energy out of your own body cells. And as a consequence, you’ll experience forms of physical discomfort and ‘dis-ease’ – you’ll catch a cold, get the flu… or if the energy drain continues, more severe illnesses.
So when you make poor choices with your energy investments (subconsciously or not), it doesn’t give any support to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being… let alone to your ability to thrive in life.
In fact, this downward spiral of increasing ‘energy debt’ will literally suck the ‘life’ out of you more and more… until you don’t know what to do anymore, much less have any spirit left to figure it out.
Ranging from the most down-to-earth business coach to the most ethereal spiritual guru – any expert with anyties to the science of psychology, success, emotional mastery, peak performance, or ‘human potential’ will attest to the same.
The truth is: deep down, everyone seeks to create a fulfilling life experience for themselves. That’s why you constantly invest your personal energy – your mind, heart and soul – into things that are meaningful to you, or that you think will produce the results you want.
Indeed, you can stop wondering:
  • “Why aren’t all those manifesting and ‘Law of Attraction’ techniques working for me?”
  • “Why can’t I ‘effortlessly attract all of my desires,’ like all those other people I’ve read about do?”
  • “Why is it so impossible for me to just ‘get over myself’ and be happy?”
  • “Why do I always feel so much negativity?”
  • “Why does everything come so hard to me?”
  • “Why can’t I be wealthy?”
  • “Why do I always attract the wrong people in my life?”
  • “Why does life have to be so difficult?”