Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Thyroid Mystery Solved!

If you’ve been trying to solve the mystery of why you might be experiencing hair loss,
weight gain, brain fog, dry skin, fatigue, depression and other symptoms, then this 5-part video series presented by Lisa Garr and Dr. Gil Kajiki of the Valley Thyroid Institute is for you!
Dr. Kajiki will guide you expertly through the processes involved in identifying your underlying conditions and triggers, getting to the root of the problem with proper testing using the Kajiki Protocol, and offering suggestions and solutions with the goal of educating and empowering you to feel perfectly healthy again!
Over 3 Hours of Information and Instruction Included!

Video 1: 6 Common Patterns of Low Thyroid Function

Video Length: 33 minutes
Lisa Garr and Dr. Gil Kajiki lay the groundwork for understanding 6 of the most common lab test patterns of low thyroid function. Dr. Kajiki details the characteristics and explains what might be going on in Your body.

Video 2: The Kajiki Protocol

Video Length: 45 minutes
In this second video, Dr. Kajiki systemically takes you through the Kajiki Protocol. He explains the connection between thyroid issues and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and identifies the common triggers that could be your problem if your diagnosis isn’t Hashimoto’s.

Video 3: What’s Aggravating My Autoimmune System?

Video Length: 51 minutes
This video goes into great detail about the 8 most common triggers that may be aggravating your immune system and offers specific solutions to help keep each trigger in check so you start feeling better.

Video 4: Why Are My Lab Tests Normal But I Still have Thyroid Symptoms?

Video Length: 33 minutes
Dr. Gil Kajiki explains why this happens and what you can do about it. He covers testing protocols, why lab results vary from lab to lab and more.

Video 5: The Bottom Line

Video Length: 23 minutes
Do you have a thyroid problem or an autoimmune system problem, or both? Lisa and Dr. Kajiki recap and bring everything together in this final comprehensive video.
Learn How To Identifying Your Underlying Conditions and Triggers, Get to the Root of the Problem with Proper Testing using the Kajiki Protocol To Empower You to Feel Perfectly Healthy and Full Of Energy!