Monday, January 25, 2016

Streaming Live Webinar from Malibu

New energies have come into our world... because we all know that something must
change! Several wonderful healers are gathering together this coming Saturdayin Malibu, California, to bring you into a wonderful state of being... 
  • new meditations will be shared that focus on restoring you to a completely wonderful energy of clarity, of passion, and of heart,
  • specific processes will be taught by which you can work with your own energy in your own way with your own wisdom to remove any blockages to being in the flow, and
  • personal psychic readings will be given to all attendees by our dear friend and renowned psychic James Milanesa. 
The location at Malibu Bluffs Park is beautiful. You can see the entire Pacific Ocean out over the bluff. The quiet here is palpable after the complexity of the LA area... so come and relax, recharge, and learn how this coming year will be a life changer for you and for our world.