Friday, February 19, 2016

A FREE Online Training with Lynne Twist and Tammy White

The tools and insights we’ll be sharing with you during the training can be used to remove
the negative influences of these Money Myths from your life.
And you’ll not only be able to change everything about your relationship with money…
You’ll also be able to begin your Journey to Wealth, where you’ll discover that the things you dream of having in your life are real possibilities for your future.
Things like…
  • Having enough savings to be able to put your kids through college while still being comfortable in your retirement
  • Paying off your student loan or credit card debt
  • Having more free time to travel, do more with your family, or pursue your higher callings
  • Starting your own business (something that lets you live closer to the ideal of having a job you love that inspires you to get out of bed each and every day)
  • Owning your own home
  • Pursuing a career that is more deeply aligned with your values and passions