Monday, February 15, 2016

A Non-linear Inter-active Reset Meditation for Kids

Go from Cold Pricklies to Warm Fuzzies! A non-linear inter-active Reset Meditation for
children that is fun and easy. Quick and tangible results are a happy family biosphere and a lot less conflict and distress. This Reset quickly illuminates and allows negative information and bio-stress to release from the psyche and soma. Loving connections become tangible and easy to choose. Caregivers can use this inner- active somatic and word-free meditation to create a more loving family culture and positive interactions among friends or in groups. This works well for ages 5 and up. You will learn: * How to release less than loving attachments and make loving connections * The four channels we use to record our experience. The 4 areas we record them in * You can easily change your point of view and feel much better.