Saturday, February 20, 2016

Big Vision Planning Virtual Workshop!

Super smart and I agree EXCEPT if you can't fill that group program. 
 Most of the time, group programs are for when you're ready to scale and leverage your business.  You're in demand and need to offer another way for your peeps to learn from you.

If you don't have the internet marketing skills, the social media following, the money for Facebook ads, or big JV partners with big lists to promote you then you can't FILL that program, and you end up spending a lot of time and money creating, launching and trying to fill a program--oh yeah and then you have to deliver it too!

All that time could have been spent attracting one high end client for $3,000 to $5000. Trust me, that's WAY easier.

The 4 stages are right here:

Stage One:  Baseline (bread n' butter) Income.  This is where every coach or solopreneur should start and the income should come from private clients.  Your first 7 to 10K per month should come from private clients. Get proficient at enrolling and maintaing a certain number of clients and certain number of income.  If you can't keep your private client base full, how do yo expect to launch and fill a large group program?  We are talking consistent income for a six figure business. Hint:  You can only get there if you charge your worth.  :)

Stage Two:  Topline Income.  This is where you can add group programs, masterminds, digital products and even live workshops.  This income is considered "event"income.  That means through a launch you'll have large chunks of revenue coming in.  You may even have a 50 to 100K MONTH in fact. But you can't depend on this income until you get really really good at launches. Plus nothing is coming in between launches if you don't have your baseline income set up. The mistake is to go here first--which leaves many coaches broke.

Stage Three: Guru or Empire Income. Your following and email list has grown.  You've most likely taken a couple years (can be done in less) to get to where you are.  You have passive income streams, large events, paid speaking.  You may be doing way way less private coaching and charging a premium price when you do.

Stage Four:  Team Level Income.  You're at the Tony Robbins level.  You have other coaches coaching for you.  You have a sales team, a marketing team and you can take loads of time off if you want to.  The business is a well-oiled machine and you're making multi-millions.