Monday, February 15, 2016

Control Your Genes and Your Destiny

In Drs. Chopra and Weil's 5-week Beyond Your Biology online course, they’ll guide you
step-by-step through their simple, 4-pronged approach to return your mind, body, and spirit to its most optimal, healthy, and vibrant state. 

In just 5 weeks you will: 

  • Discover which lifestyle choices have the greatest influence over the expression of your genes and your well-being – so you make the shifts that are scientifically proven to matter most.
  • Activate your body's natural ability to heal and maintain a state of health – with simple ways to eat better, manage your stress, move your body, make the most of your health care, and enjoy good sleep.
  • Let go of fear and anxiety around your health and aging – and become the confident, capable creator of your optimal health and vitality.

Here's what recent graduates of Drs. Chopra and Weil's courses say about how their lives (and their health!) have transformed:
"I left with a completely new outlook and understanding of how to improve my health and my life – and am more empowered to take action than I ever have been before."  
–Shannon L.

"I came thinking that healing was something outside my control. Now I have the ability, skills, and new tools I need to live my healthiest life and fulfill my endless potential." 
–Valerie R.

"Not only did what I learned help me to heal, it helped heal my family in ways I could only have hoped for before!" 
–Tiffany G.

"I'm in the medical field working as an ICU nurse and I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with everything I learned. Thank you for showing me that my mind, body, and spirit matter – and for empowering me to take optimal care of all three." 
–Alexandra S.