Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Discover Your Nutritional Style to Boost Your Business and Life

From being a former VP at Chanel to growing a successful business, Holli knows how to
manage and thrive in high profile, high level environments. She also knows that how we treat our bodies can dramatically impact our performance and our profitability. Holli has worked with the world’s most renowned wellness doctors and practitioners and has advised busy, highly successful leaders for more than a decade on how to improve their health.
Holli will share the:
  • So called health foods you are eating that could be making you sluggish or keeping you sick
  • Dietary “mistakes” you may be making that sabotage your body’s ability to perform at its best
  • Foods and supplements that can up your game and boost your business
  • The non-negotiables you never want to compromise in your daily routine