Friday, February 5, 2016

“Discover Your Purpose” ONLINE Hand Analysis Training

Additionally, hand analysis is a respected skill that can earn you anywhere between
$150 and $1500 per session depending upon your skill level and confidence! (We’ll help you with BOTH skill AND confidence at this unique, life-changing training.)

Who This Training Is For

  • … YOU if you would love to learn the “Ultimate Coaching Tool™” and help your clients. This training will give you a life-long skill that will not only make you the hit of the party anywhere you go, you will possess the POWER to quickly CHANGE LIVES FOR THE BETTER! You will experience PROFIT in your life — On Purpose!
  • … YOU if you don’t care about learning how to read the hands of others, but want to KNOW YOUR OWN PERSONAL DESIGN in the palms of your hands. You will discover so much richness about yourself, you’re going to want to kiss yourself!
We believe there is nothing more important than
knowing and living your Life Purpose.

Really―what could be more important than that?!!!
In our 8 fun webinars together, we’ll explore these transformational concepts and tools:
  • How to Make Hand Prints
  • Fingerprint I.D.: Understanding What Fingerprints Look Like
  • Decoding The Life Schools: Peace, Wisdom, Love, Service
    • “Soul Card” images show you in colorful, visual detail what the Life Schools represent
    • Additional Deep Content about each Life School
    • Songs for Each School
  • Understanding “Master Path” / “Student Path”
  • Decoding the Life Lessons
    • “Soul Card” images show you in colorful, visual detail what the Life Lessons represent
    • Additional Deep Content about each Life Lesson
  • Decoding the Life Purposes
    • “Soul Card” images show you in colorful, visual detail what the Life Purposes represent
    • Additional Deep Content about each Life Purpose
  • Thumbs: Your KEY to Manifestation
  • Adding Hand Analysis as a revenue stream to your current business (optional!)
  • Creating a stand-alone business using Hand Analysis (and Your Life Purpose!) – the “Ultimate Coaching Tool™” as its foundation (optional!)
  • Support going forward: How the ‘Your Purpose’ Team will continue to guide and support you every step of the way!
  • Support for you if you’ve already taken this training and would like to deepen your learning.

Rachel Resnick, Writers On Fire
“Experiencing Baeth in an intimate group is fiery, fierce, fun AND fundamental. The way you narratively and financially re-frame people's businesses, and pinpoint their purpose through their hands -- plus your collective powerhouse intuition -- is nothing short of astonishing.
And, it's priceless. Bow down. Am feeling the shift…and the possibility in my hands. And [my] being...”

Melissa Kirk, of Brentwood, CA
“It was an amazing experience to uncover so many things about myself and the people I know and love.  I find it so much fun using the training materials to validate the things I already knew about some people, as well as discovering new things about some of these folks. To all that have received hand readings from me so far - this work opens the doors to pure joy!  I discovered so much from Baeth's training that I have read over 100 hands now and have made back more than my investment in her program in just 3 months!!! I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to develop a career or a hobby oreven just for self discoveryThe information is accurate and profound and Baeth is eloquent at delivering the information in an easy-to- understand manner.”

Michelle Dawnn,
"Baeth Davis will literally knock your socks off with her knowledge and exceptional hand reading skills! I had come to a place in my life where I needed validation that I was heading in the right direction, that my career choice was aligned with my purpose and that my intuitive thoughts where serving me well. After one reading with Baeth, my whole out attitude and perspective about my life choices had drastically changed for the better. It was like talking to an old friend who had known me for years and understood each aspect of my life.
I was fascinated by how much she knew about me and how masterful she was at guiding me to make clear choices & take positive action. She knew nothing about me yet in a matter of seconds, she confirmed who I am on the inside and out. I’ve since had a second reading and once again, she was right on the money & the reading was extremely relevant to what’s going on in my life right now! Do take this opportunity to connect with Baeth one-on-one as she lovingly helps you embrace your natural born gifts so you can live a more joyful & purposeful life. Being connected to such a divinely connected soul has been a true blessing. I’m hooked & know you will be too!"