Thursday, February 11, 2016

“Execution Plans” with tested and proven strategies

“SECRET” Facebook Campaign
“The Boomerang Traffic Plan,” our step-by-step guide to creating dynamic
follow-up ads for any campaign you might run. We’ve seen a 73% increase in revenue from media by implementing this simple strategy that works on autopilot…
…AKA you set it up and never have to touch it again!
Then there’s…
“How To Create an IRRESISTIBLE Lead Magnet” — This Execution Plan walks you through everything from market evaluation, to selecting (and creating) the right type of lead magnet for your prospect all the way to delivering your lead magnet… in just 22 steps.
Next there’s…
“Creating Your Tripwire Offer” — Now that you’ve created the perfect lead magnet for your ideal customer, you need to convert these leads into buyers. That’s where the Tripwire EP can help.
This Execution Plan will teach you how to create a low-dollar offer that you can use to acquire new leads and new customers at break-even or BETTER.
But that’s not all, here’s a preview of the FULL Execution Plan library:
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