Saturday, February 13, 2016

How To Have Good Mojo

We all have bad days. But why do some people seem engaged and happy more often?
What’s the secret to having great mojo?
1. Let go of the past.People with great mojo are free from the past. When they are with you, they areright there with you, vital and aware in the present moment. Let’s learn from them. Stop giving old stories so much mindshare. Give yourself the gift of freedom by letting go of old hurts and paying more attention to what is in front of you, taking in the sights and relationships with a new eye of awareness. The world has changed. People have changed. You have changed. So look at life anew again and you’ll find greater connection. 
2. Shine real attention on others: People with great mojo pay more attention to others. They make you feel like there’s no one else in the world but you. So, when is the last time you tried to make someone you’re talking to feel like the only person in the world? Do youreally see and hear the person in front of you? Do you hang on their every word, listen for nuance, give them your full energy and focus?
3. Bring joy to every moment: People with great energy have more joy and enthusiasm for what they experience, even the simple things. They take everything in with a greater level of gratitude. It’s as if they are a child unwrapping a gift at Christmas. They bring  joy and enthusiasm to the moment and those around them. Perhaps life would come alive for all of us if we started looking for fun and joy in all we do. Always remember to bring the joy - that’s the gift you give to others.
4. Honor and respect others: People with strong mojo listen closer; they understand and reflect back what you say. If you are struggling, they are attentive and feel there with you. When you mention your dreams, they cheer you on. No matter what’s going on in their life, they never judge, demean or make fun of you…they’re happy for youand excited for what you are doing. Mimic that - become invested in other people’s happiness, joy and aliveness and, soon, others will be inspired by your energy and presence.
When you use these strategies, people will want to be around you more.Your social sphere will open up and you will feel more connected to the moment. You’ll be happier and more likely to experience long-term joy and what we call The Charged Life!