Saturday, February 13, 2016

Imagine 25 world-class webinar experts

Just like hosting epic virtual summits, webinars are extremely powerful for growing an
engaged audience and email list rapidly, launching a product before you even create it, and selling more of your products and services.
I still remember my very first live webinar I did in early 2014 where I made my first sale, even though I made so many mistakes as I was trying to figure things out.
Then I signed up and attended literally 100’s of webinars over the last 2 years, and I learned a lot from other experts like Ramit Sethi, Amy Porterfield, Lewis Howes and Derek Halpern to name a few.
I believe it was on my 4th or 5th try doing webinars when I did a 5-figure webinar for my first VSM launch in September last year. I was stoked, and got fired up about the results, and to get even better and improve at this very important skill.
That’s why I’m so excited about what my Virtual Summit Mastery students, Jon Schumacher and Michael Bloom have put together.
magine 25 world-class webinar experts who will share their best kept secrets for creating, promoting, and monetizing your next webinar.
Imagine a place where you could learn how to become a recognized authority in your field, create unbelievable freedom and build a life changing income by hosting profitable webinars… in just 10 days from experts who’ve actually been exactly where you are right now, but made webinars work for them and their business.
Now it’s time to finally make it happen for you too on an incredible online event where you will learn all of this for free (for a limited time).
Whether you are a total newbie to hosting webinars or a seasoned vet, you are going to get game changing insights into these 3 webinar mastery areas:
  • Creating Your Webinars – Learn the favorite tools and technologies these experts use to create their webinars.
  • Promoting Your Webinars – Learn how you can get people eager to sign up and show up to al your webinars, every time!
  • Monetizing Your Webinars – Learn how to structure your webinars and position your offer to increase sales over and over again.
So what did Jon & Michael really learn from interviewing 25 webinar experts?