Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Love Perspective Program

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The Love Perspective Program can help you expand your capacity to love and be loved,
and to maintain a healthy dialogue with the people around us. It is designed to help you overcome those past experiences which caused us pain and put up walls against hurt.

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Love perspective is about changing the way you look at things. In this particular focus – your views on love, sex and romance. It was developed to review those beliefs, traditions, habits, patterns and experiences which can be troublesome to any relationship and influence how we feel about ourself and our partner. The areas of our lives that highly influence our love perspective are:
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We work to uncover what is holding you back from accepting and loving yourself fully, so that you can learn to love your partner fully and learn to work with that person to likewise free themselves from the chains that hold them down. Past relationships will have light shed upon them so that we can learn from them and move on.