Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

Dianne is a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga, mind science, energy mastery and leading
edge models that make life better and more joyful. Her work has transformed thousands of people and hundreds of businesses around the world. She is a master of translating ancient knowledge into “quantum” modern wisdom and puts it all together to make it practical in everyday life. Dianne is determined to share the way for us to live the wisdom – not just “know” it. To do this, she takes you straight to the core of the dynamics of creating and manifesting.
On this call you will discover:  
-The 5 essential “must know” quantum principles that accelerate your mastery of effortless manifestation

-“The missing link” for effective thought creation

-“The Observer effect” – what it means, how it works – and how to use it to create the “new you” going forward

-The difference between Quantum Thinking and ordinary thinking

-A way to make the leap from “knowing” the wisdom of science and spirituality – to actually “living” it

-How to experience a guided meditation to create a conscious relationship with your thoughts