Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sacred Anatomy in 9 months with Cate Stillman in the 9th Annual Course

Do you see the hierarchy? It's crucial. It's not an anything-goes kind of reality,
but more of a top-down and bottom-up system. The 3 doshas are a regulatory hierarchy that coordinates the more complex subsystems of the body. Subtle to Gross. Simple to Complex. The simplicity contains the complexity. We'll get into that more during the Metaphysics Lesson.
For the sake of this conversation above is subtle and below is gross. Think Heaven and Earth. When you start flossing your inner body on or off your mat your awareness gets more subtle. Then you do some sun salutations and you bring the subtle into the gross. You deliver the prana into your cells. You start to get an all-access pass. And you come off the mat feeling like the superstar you are cosmically designed to be.