Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Advanced Becoming Limitless Program

Becoming Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani
“I started seeing EVERY action I perform as a most important thing in my life.”

First and foremost: THANK YOU for all your work and your vision! It’s inspiring and it lets people recognize that there is a great matter in being and living. At least I don’t see a way where one will not be able to open inner being looking and listening to you. Thank you from my soul and heart, Vishen!
As for your accelerator program: I did not finish it yet, but I’m leaving the time each day to listen to you. I take notes and read them while flowing through my day. I see and feel the genuine truth in your lessons. Something that I always had inside but never tried to dress them in thoughts. How am I applying what you and your guests teach? I live by it.
At least I have an enormous effort to be aware of my thoughts every day. In every situation or conversation. Sometimes I can recognize my inner thought patterns or blocks after I applied them again—often, for the first time in my entire life. And it’s liberating. The wind of aliveness is showing up inside me. Through your courses, I found Eckhart Tolle. I listen to his books on my way to work and back from work. This is two hours of Joy of Being every day.
With his wisdom in mind, I can see my relationships with family and friends as one of the most valuable experiences I’m able to have and feel. It’s getting better and they don’t ask why. And I don’t need to explain anything. I am with them when close to them. I knew, for a long time about the importance of full attention (like Clinton’s attention) but never opened to it. It changed everything. A month ago I started writing. I write about my thoughts and visions. I have been writing ideas since the age of 16. Ideas on how to create systems that make money. I just enjoy the process and a flow of my thoughts. None of them came true.
I’ve lived mostly in the future where everything I imagine already in place and work perfectly. But I was neglecting action because there was no difference between my thoughts and who I am, so I was buried in a false sense of accomplishment.
Now I do it for the pleasure of writing itself. No expectations. No resistance. Just for the sake of the experience. I started seeing EVERY action I perform as a most important thing in my life. Still forget about some of them in the now but I’m constantly improving and getting a huge amount of joy from that. Joy of freedom of being. Now, I’m enjoying writing what I feel to my mentor.
As a result of all of the above, I’ve moved further with my projects than for the previous seven years.
It was just six months. And if you’re still reading my rant, Vishen, ALL of the above would not happen if I didn’t stumble upon your PROGRAMSTALKS and WRITINGS.
I wish you and your company to continue your epic journey of inspiring and awakening – you are truly changing the world,

  • Pavel Kotlykov