Friday, February 12, 2016

The FEMININE Way to Create Consistent Clients & Cash Flow

During this free training, you’ll discover:

1. Key phrases to use to feel connected and authentic in sales conversations…and which ultimately lead to more sales. Tired, awkward lines like “Is Tuesday or Thursday at2pm better for you?” feel cheesy and make our skin crawl. This approach may work for men, but it does NOT work for women. It feels so cold, impersonal, and self-serving. Come learn what to say instead; it will feel MUCH better and yield far better results!

2. As women, we naturally bond, which is great, but that’s not sales. Warm & fuzzy doesn’t bring home the bacon. If you’re like most women entrepreneurs, you use what I call the “Coffee Klatch Approach” with your prospective clients. You get together with your prospect, trade stories, laugh, talk about your kids, and really get to know each other. She likes what you do and sounds enthusiastic, but no business gets transacted. What happened? Come find out how to authentically guide the conversation so she realizes she needs to hire you, now.

3. In order to sell to a woman, you must use different tactics because a woman wants to be sold to differently. Think about it: is there ANYTHING that men and women do the same way? Do we clean, shop, build our businesses the same way? Women must be sold to differently than men. And when you know the subtle differences, your results will change dramatically. Selling to women is an ARTFORM that requires authentic connection mixed with the right conversational structure. Women make up 85% of the purchasing decisions across the board. Come learn how to understand the nuances of selling to women.