Friday, January 15, 2016

Become A Published Author In 30 minutes A Day

You’ll learn a near-foolproof way to become a bestselling author, including:

> An easy “hack” that finds your bestselling book idea in 30 minutes or less
> How to become a published author in your spare time – even if you’re busy or aren’t an expert or a good writer
> Which 5 myths hold us back from becoming bestselling authors — and what it really takes
> 2 easy ways to beat writer’s block forever and make writing effortless (Chandler used this approach to write a 225-page bestselling book in just a week)
> How to turn your book into more clients, business opportunities, and coaching and speaking gigs 

It works whether you’ve been dreaming of becoming an author but haven’t gotten there yet… or want to use your book to build a business.

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