Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CLiCK is a three-day immersion experience based in a powerful premise…

  • how to identify, own, and communicate your Super Power™
  • secrets to discovering your core marketing messages (never again be at a loss for what to write)
  • how to become an “anchor” to your ideal client
  • how to identify the unique value that you currently (and unintentionally) give away for free – and how to start getting paid for it
  • the four-point matrix that creates an inner “pattern” of unstoppable confidence (over and over again)
  • how to build your business around your unique capabilities (most people get this wrong)
  • how to uncover your core beliefs about money (that either attract wealth or leave you struggling)
  • strategic clarity on what exactly makes your ideal client “click” – and how to break through the noise to reach that person
  • the Abundance Matrix formula - and how you unconsciously impact your income results (and how to transform your relationship to prosperity!)