Monday, January 11, 2016

Fearless Speaker Emergence in San Diego

  • You know you’re meant to share your message with the world, but your secret fears, doubts, and insecurities keep holding you back?
  • You’re tired of being unclear and indecisive about your niche audience, your message, and your mission?
  • You’ve received speaking tips, but you don’t know how to actually create a powerful speechthat will rock your audience and get you booked on paid stages?
  • You know you need a “signature story”, but you don’t know if you have one or how tell it in a way that captivates audiences? 
  • Even though there are way more speaking gigs than there are speakers, you don’t know WHO to contact or HOW to get booked?
  • You’re doing a lot of free speeches, but no one wants to actually PAY you for it?
  • You want to lead webinars, tele-seminars, or live workshops, but you feel overwhelmed about taking the next steps from beginning to end?