Sunday, January 3, 2016

Private Mentoring Program

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned from my work with amazing coaches including
Information Products Guy James Roche, Millionaire Guru to Women Entrepreneurs Ali Brown, and Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren (among others) and created a simple and elegant private mentoring program. My aim is to serve and support serious and successful female business owners who are absolutely ready to achieve bold and influential visibility with more of the right people. Together we’ll get your voice heard and your expertise known so you can take pride in your profitable business. You will get ready, get known, and get paid.
What You Won't Find within this Program:
  • The worry around being unseen or unheard in a large group mastermind;
  • Fear around others adopting your great ideas when the seeds of your brilliance are just taking root to grow;
  • The frustration of wading through others’ issues in order to get the help you need;
  • Discomfort around asking the nitty-gritty how-to questions without worrying about looking like you don’t know what you are doing. Remember, there is a lot to learn. This is new territory to travel and an adventure to savor without any negative judgments.
What You Will Find within this Program:
Mentoring, Content AND Community
  • The feeling that you matter. You will feel the connection, the caring, and the commitment in support of your success in ways you can see, hear, and experience with every call, email, and unexpected bonus you receive in perfect timing to meet your needs;
  • Mutual respect, commitment to collaboration, and fair and reasonable dealings between us. Anything less simply isn’t good enough.
  • Personal attention through one-on-one support focused squarely on your specific needs to make progress along your own journey to Get Known to Get Paid;
  • Relief as you apply time, effort, and precious resources wisely to take smart steps forward as opposed to stumbling and bumbling around on your own;
  • Ongoing support, encouragement, and celebrations of your successes as they unfold. Being present to your progress (as opposed to focusing on what is still left to do) is essential as you enjoy the journey ahead, even when it is hard.
  • The option to enjoy small, intimate group connection – When you are part of this program, you are part of a small group of committed business owners who are serious about getting known and getting paid. Connect with your fellow participants on the private Facebook group and reach out to fellow members. Explore strategic partnerships to bring your collective expertise and offerings to an entirely new and expanded audience of perfect people to benefit.