Monday, January 18, 2016

Pulp Fiction Writing with Philip Athans

Join author and editor Philip Athans in writing a 6000-word short story using
the Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot.

Lester Dent, co-creator of Doc Savage, was a pulp fiction legend and created a detailed “how to" guide for crafting the perfect pulp short story. Pulp fiction is entertaining, tightly plotted, and character driven—everything a story should be. By studying the pulp tradition, we'll learn storytelling techniques that transcend the pulp genres.

In our first session we'll go through that master “formula" and what it takes to write fun, fast-paced, entertaining fiction. Then each week we'll write another 1500 words, keeping an eye on the lessons of Lester Dent and others, so that by the end of our four-week session everyone ends up with a complete 6000-word pulp short story in any pulp genre: mystery/thriller, action/adventure, romance, western, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, and more. We'll workshop those stories as we go and explore more of the history of the American pulp magazine and the pulp fiction tradition along the way.