Sunday, January 3, 2016

the Free 2016 New Year Detox!

If you’re a seasoned cleanser, this is the perfect detox to reset your taste
buds and body for the New Year. More intense cleanses are challenging to do in the winter, so this would be a fun way for you to get back into your Wellness routine – for free, and with a great group of people!

feelmoreenergyWHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:

  • 3 days (or more!) of clean eating! We start with three days of lighter meals, and move into a more sustainable meal plan for the rest of the detox
  • a community forum for support – share recipes, offer support, seek helpful advice, celebrate!
  • your New Year Detox eBook to refer to throughout the cleanse
  • a 3-12 day detox schedule
  • sample meal plan
  • useful nutrition content will be sent to your inbox daily
  • optional daily journaling activities
  • daily affirmations and mindset activities
  • simple detox-friendly recipe suggestions
  • goal setting strategies
  • into to visualization
  • tips for healthy grocery shopping
  • lessons in inflammation
  • releasing toxins
  • and more!
Everything you consume during this detox is designed to get you to the healthiest place you can be with a simple cleanse that is comfortable to do in the winter. If you are trying to release weight, this will be a good kick-start to your weight loss, too. The real benefit is in cleansing and detoxing with the help of good, nutritious whole foods. No chemicals, no processed foods…just good pure food.