Tuesday, January 19, 2016

the puzzle you are working to fit in

  • You promise yourself you’ll spend time reading articles and blogs online, but it always seems to fall by the wayside.
  • You want to attend networking meetings and events, but you have no clue what to do or say when you get there, so you end up making an excuse and not going at all.
  • You have your products and services in order, ready to promote to the world, but you aren’t sure which marketing tactics will work best or what social media platforms to utilize.
  • You are scared to sell. You aren’t sure how to tout your offerings in a credible and effective manner or how to really close the deal.
  • You are new to your industry and unaware of where and how you should create and maintain an online presence.
  • You need help with budgeting, sales projections, staff costs, and all things numbers and you don’t even know where to start.