Friday, January 1, 2016

Turning an Everyday Interest into a Virtual Cash Machine

Remember, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get your website up, running,
attracting visitors, and making money:
  • You’ll know the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to set up a professional-looking website.
  • You’ll know how to choose the best, most traffic-friendly topic for your site.
  • You’ll know how to pick a domain name for your website that will attract the most visitors.
  • You’ll know what each page on your site needs to do to maximize your profits.
  • You’ll know how to write copy that search engines (and your readers) love.
  • You’ll know how to write and structure a home page that grabs people’s interest and puts them in a “buying mood.”
  • You’ll know how to attract and keep “loyal customers” by keeping your website fresh and exciting.
  • You’ll know how to use internal site links to dramatically improve your search-engine rankings.
  • You’ll know where to find the best and highest-paying affiliates. (These guys are looking for websites like yours to list their ads on!)
  • You’ll know how to make even more money with Google AdSense and other forms of site advertising.
  • You’ll know the 7 things experts do within 48 hours of publishing a website to bring more visitors to the site faster.
  • You’ll know how to track your site’s performance and how to use the information to make your site better.
  • You'll know how to use social media to increase your site's exposure and maximize the number of people who visit your site each month.
  • And much, much more …
  • This program is like having your own personal web consultant. If you were to pay me to come to your office or home and show you how to do this, I’d normally charge you my regular consulting fee, which could easily run about $5,000. (In fact, people have asked me to do just that over the years.)
    But there’s no reason to personally hire me, when the program we’ve put together does it all for you. And the best news is, you won’t pay $5,000 for it — or even half that.
    The cost of How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites is just $497. That’s a drop in the bucket when you consider the amount of money you can earn writing on subjects you love.
    But if you sign up by Monday, January 4, not only will you save $150 on the program, you’ll also be enrolled in the live training that starts in January.
    Remember, Karen P. got paid $3,000 to write about rabbits … T. Mencinger gets paid $1,000 a day to write about vacuum cleaners … Birgit B. makes as much as $10,000 a month writing about travel … and Sara D. earns $2,000 writing about juices.
    Imagine what you could make writing on a subject you love!
    Your earning potential is almost unlimited. My program covers all the details and comes with everything you need to succeed including:
    • How To Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program ― You’ll have access to my step-by-step system for creating a solid, steady passive income stream for you and your family. As mentioned, it's a “living program,” which means all improvements and updates are yours free for life.
    • Access to my 7-part webinar series ― With these informative and motivating webinars, it will seem like I’m right there beside you guiding you on to success. They are a great way to make sure you stick to a schedule for your site so you get it up and running and producing revenue ASAP.
    • Access to the "best of" webinar archive ― You'll also get access to 14 webinars I held, that focus on various aspects of the Money-Making Website process including 7 site review webinars. This is where I look at real-life Money-Making Websites and point out how they could be made more effective (which means more money).
    • Ongoing motivation and support ― You'll have instant access to one of the friendliest and most helpful forums on the Internet. Go here to get answers and advice and network with other success-minded people. Here, you can ask other members (and myself) questions and get additional support and guidance as you progress along your Money-Making Website journey.
    • “A Newbie’s Guide to Quickly, Easily, and Inexpensively Getting Your Money-Making Website Built and Online” ― This special report shows you the easiest, fastest, most economical way to get a professional-looking website up and running.
    • 90-day plan for success ― To ensure you get your Money-Making Website up and running quickly, you’ll have a schedule to follow with specific benchmarks and timeframes to keep you on track and making consistent progress.
    • “Goal-Setting Rituals” Guide ― This guide is specifically designed to help freelance writers achieve their goals faster and easier …
    One more thing …