Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter of Wellness

You believe that the power to heal is possible outside of traditional medicine... when you have the right guidance, knowledge and practices.
You know science is making new breakthroughs every day, and you want the latest research on disease prevention and anti-aging therapies.
You suspect what you eat (or don’t!) not only has a powerful impact on your body, but also can increase your sense of happiness and wellbeing!
You desire key techniques for boosting your energy and your immunity.
You believe that your spirituality plays a large role in your ability to heal.
You’re excited to experience first-hand the impact that ancient wisdom and practices can have on your health.
You’re yearning for plant-based alternatives for your diet and for treating illness.
You’re seeking resources for reducing chronic pain/inflammation.
You want to feel empowered to take control of your family’s health and contribute to the wellness of your community.
Join the Winter of Wellness summit — at no charge — and discover secrets from the world’s leading experts forcreating optimum, full-spectrum health and wellness for yourself... and extending this invaluable wisdom to those you love.