Sunday, February 14, 2016

Powerful Price Positioning

Power Price Positioning PS.jpg
This powerful presentation covered the relationship between price, profit, and power in the
marketplace. I also talked about the fears and false assumptions most marketers have when it comes to price.
Not only will you get access online immediately, you’ll receive an MP4 DVD and downloadable audio CD, but you’ll also get a 53-page downloadable transcript AND all the overheads I used in his presentation.  It’ll be as if you’re there, following along and taking notes.
Once you go through Powerful Price Positioning and implement just a couple tips right away, you’ll be able to make some strategic changes in the way you price and the way you present your prices to your marketplace…
…and more importantly, you’ll get to alter your deeply-ingrained belief system about price–including the myths, lies, and FEARS most entrepreneurs have.
You’ll also be exposed to Powerful Price Positioning in action by other brick-and-mortar and online businesses so you can successfully “copy and paste” these strategies into your business.