Monday, February 15, 2016

The Body as Foundation: A Fourth Way Approach

The Enneagram is mostly known as a system of psychological type, but it is actually part of
a more comprehensive approach to human development. This teaching delineates three main “centers” of Intelligence: body, heart, and mind, and points to the integration of these three element of the human psyche as crucial for genuine psychological and spiritual wholeness. In this session, we will look at Presence as experienced in each of these centers, but also see how Presence in and with the body is the pre-requisite for genuine opening of the heart and mind. It is through the body that we come to our true heart, our true mind. We will investigate sensation as the direct experience of the intelligence of the body, and how the awakening of sensation initiates the process of integrating the three centers.
We'll explore:
  • Practices for deepening body awareness through sensation, and in ways that can be practiced anywhere
  • The way that developing body awareness leads to deepening the qualities of heart and mind—awakens our true heart and our true mind
  • Some of the psychological challenges and barriers to these processes of integration