Saturday, January 16, 2016

11-piece training kit covers

  • The foundation of self-confidence and how it can transform your life (you'll feel the power as your self-esteem grows)
  • How to find your true self … you MUST be yourself to feel truly confident
  • The inner game of self-confidence and my secret for how you can master that
  • How to win with others in ANY situation or negotiation … experience the power of creating win-win situations in all you do
  • How to get the things you want, when you want them
  • The secret of the 4 Cs – without these, you enter an endless loop of failure
  • How to live your perfect life by learning who you really are and what you really want
  • How the Law of Reciprocity affects your success … develop a winning strategy using this immutable law of life
  • The one super-simple skill you AREN'T doing (but should) that can catapult you to success
  • How to totally change the results you get, using the Rule of 4
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