Thursday, January 7, 2016

HOW Design Live

Check out some highlights from the inspiration-packed schedule I’m looking forward to:
Small Screens, Big Possibilities
With Chris Converse
I’m endlessly intrigued by the development of new technologies and the way our interactions with them change over time—not to mention the endless design possibilities that arise from these developments. Chris Converse has been a staple of HOW conferences for years, and this practical, insightful session on the vast opportunities for innovation in design for mobile devices and browsers. I’m particularly keen to hear Chris discuss the combination of content and design features such as touch events, swipe-able content, interactive galleries and touch-driven animation.
Comics and the Art of Visual Communication
With Scott McCloud
As a long-time, partially-closeted comic book fan, I’ve been delighted to find that comics are—if not “trendy,” per se—blossoming into a well-respected artistic and literary form. In this session, the brilliant Scott McCloud will address what’s next for the comic book industry, including its epic evolution in the new media environment and the latest trends we’re seeing when design and comic illustration collide.
Sci-Fi Meets Reality: The Future of Design
With Amy Webb
Since I’ve already publicly established that I’m an enormous nerd, I can shamelessly express how excited I am about Amy Webb’s keynote. She’s going to take a mind-bending look into the future of design, including the future of algorithms in design solutions. Webb will not only show us what the future holds; she’ll also show us how to create a better future by moving forward in the present.
Cutting Through the Noise: Social Media for Creatives
With Roberto Blake
If there’s anything that gets me as stoked as design and content, it’s undoubtedly social media. That, combined with the fact that I adore working with the consistently clever and interesting Roberto Blake, means this session is exactly my cup of tea. If you find that you struggle with social media—whether that’s maintaining your voice, building an audience or navigating the perplexing world of hashtags—Blake can teach you how use it as a business tool while delivering value with an authentic voice.
Storybuilding: Using Story to Connect Brands with Humans
With Stefan Mumaw
If that title alone wasn’t enough to convince me to attend Stefan Mumaw’s session, the fact that it’s a two-parter sealed the deal. Sure, we’ve all heard that designers—and copywriters and marketers and educators—are storytellers, but Mumaw takes the concept well beyond a meaningless buzzword and jumps into the ways we can use it to connect the character of a brand to the people that consume it. Mumaw will dive into the structure of story and use real-world examples to show how each story component is used to build an emotional bridge between brand and consumer. In true Mumaw fashion, be prepared for big laughs and a lot of heart.
If this lineup of unmissable sessions is calling your name, check out the rest of the stellar HOW Design Live schedule and register today