Friday, January 15, 2016

VIDEO 2 - Captivate&Compel

Here's exactly what you’ll see in today’s video:

  • THE FORMULA to craft a simple, yet powerful phrase that you can use to easily explain what you do in a way that’s proven to captivate people from the startand attracts the BEST potential clients that are a perfect fit for what you do.    

  • How this phrase will help you feel much more confident explaining what you do, all while compelling THEM to approach YOU - naturally - and without you ever having to seek them out!... and you can use this phrase ANYWHERE (even in the grocery store line!).

  • Then, I’ll show you exactly what to do with potential clients when they approach you…to give them “Results in Advance” - in under 3 minutes - (without giving a freebie) that will really “WOW” them and get them excited to sign up for more sessions.